1A Inertia Wheels (3-Axis)

1A Inertia Wheels (3-Axis)

Regular price $400.00

• Inertia Wheels 3-Axis
• Wireless Receiver
• 30v AC-DC Power Supply and Cable
• D-Tap Power Cable - 18in
• Foam (fits SKB 2011-8 Case)
• Com cable for connection to Freefly Gimbals
• S-Bus Cable for connection to DJI and S-Bus Gimbals
• 20ft Hardwire Cable
• 2.4 GHz TX Antenna
• 900 MHz TX Antenna
• 900 MHz RX Antenna

Compatible with:

Freefly: MōVI Pro, MōVI XL, MōVI M5, M10, M15
DJI: Ronin 2, Ronin 1, Ronin MX, Ronin M, Ronin S

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